Vengåa is in operation

Vengåakraft Power Plant has completed all tests and the plant is running in accordance to plan.

Operations will be managed by staff from Clemens Kraft Drift. Vengåa Kraft is estimated to produce 11GWh per year.



Development of Øvrebø powerplant

The landowners in Øvrebø in Jølster municipality have signed with Clemens Kraft AS for the Development of the Øvrebø powerplant.

The project has a calculated average production of 9.9 GWh. It will utilize a fall of 196 meters, with the intake on kote 523 and the station on kote 327, with a penstock at approximately 1300 meters.



Clemens Kraft builds Terråk small-scale power plant in Nordland

Landowner Frithjof Plahte in Bindal has entered into an agreement with Clemens Kraft considering the construction of a small-scale power plant of 28.8 GWh.

The project is named Hellifossen Kraft AS, and CK is in the process of developing the project.
CK has started planning and submitted a plan change application to change the entry placement in August. It is currently unclear where the intake will be.  

Clemens Kraft qualifies for dark green bonds

CICERO provides a review.

As an independent research institute, CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo) gives a renewed opinion on the institution’s framework and guidance for assessing and selecting eligible green bond investment projects and assessing the robustness of the framework when it comes to fulfilling the institutions’ environmental goals.

CICERO finds that the Clemens Power Green Bond Framework provides a solid framework for climate-friendly investments. Revenue will finance renewable energy and eligible projects run by river power plants without dam reservoirs.

Read the full report from CICERO here: Clemens Kraft qualifies for dark green bonds