Clemens Kraft is a fully integrated specialist in small-scale hydropower production and is one of Norway`s leading companies within this business segment. Today, Clemens Kraft has 34 operating plants, 10 plants under construction and a pipeline that includes development of several new plants. These green energy projects are financially sustainable, aim to safeguard the environment and to adjust the production facilities in accordance with local interests. Clemens Kraft is a one-stop shop with extensive knowledge within hydropower, construction, management, finance and HSE.


Clemens Kraft is founded on the deep roots of Norwegian hydropower tradition combined with long-term shareholders and strong ownership. Opplysningsvesenets Fond (OVF) is our majority shareholder through its 50.1% holding. OVF was founded in 1821 and is subject to the Ministry of Culture in Norway. The group is one of Norway`s largest landowners in terms of land area. CPV/CAP Pensionkasse Coop, which is the Swiss Coop-group pension fund, owns the remaining 49.9% of Clemens Kraft. The company manages approximately 8.5 billion Euro and has considerable investments in renewable energy. Clemens Kraft is CPV/CAP first hydropower investment.

Clemens Kraft is the result of several acquisitions of small hydropower companies. Today, we develop, construct and operate several hydropower plants all over Norway in collaboration with local landowners. The Company is targeting to reach a production of 600 GWh in 2021.


Clemens Kraft will through its focus on small-scale developments and production of renewable energy, create long-term value for the community, its partners and owners. The world needs clean renewable energy and Norway is rich on the best natural resource of them all: water. Hydropower is a renewable and clean source of energy with no gas emissions or pollution. It is therefore important for us to exploit these resources to limit the climate changes the world faces today.

Our projects aim to be sustainable on all levels: Financially, socially and environmentally.


In Norway, there are many local landowners with waterfall rights on their property, and local communities that want to exploit these resources. Clemens Kraft has in-house competence with full range expertise that can assist landowners and municipalities in realizing their projects. Our professionals contribute with project development, construction and operation.


Our main goal is to exploit the opportunities that exist in the small-scale hydropower market. As a result, Clemens Kraft has over the recent years managed to acquire a large portfolio of attractive projects. If you have waterfall rights or already are operating a hydropower plant, you are welcome to contact us. We base our decision-making on hydrological estimates, technical reviews, grid connections, cost analyses, and environmental concerns, and discuss the findings with the landowners. If the projects have potential, we initiate a collaboration, which hopefully lead to a final agreement.


Our engineers build efficient and modern hydropower plants customized for the given environment and in line with local construction practice. Clemens Kraft wants to create value in local communities and aims to use local entrepreneurs and resources. Throughout the process, we include and inform all parties involved about the progress of the project. The whole process, from engineering to the finalized plant, is carefully planned. The construction of our plants take between one and two years.


Our team have the knowledge needed and all certificates required to operate the plants. They also make sure that the plants operate in line with law and regulations set forth by the government and concessions. Maintenance of the plants is important to secure a long lifespan. Through the large portfolio of plants, our employees have developed the best competence and knowledge about suppliers and equipment in the market. This ensures that the hydropower plants are well maintained and operates at lowest possible cost.