Kjeldalselva power plant is operating!

Kjeldalselva power plant is beautifully located by the fjord in the Storfjord municipality in Troms. The power plant is surrounded by the spectacular mountains «Lyngsalpene» with high peaks up to 1 800 meters altitude.

The power plant exploits a fall of 233 meters from the intake down to the power station. The annual average production is estimated 12.7 GWh from a 5.1 MW Pelton turbine. The waterway consists of 826 meters of water-filled tunnel and 446 meters of pressure pipe.

The project has been an extensive process from the concession was granted some 10 years ago until final completion of power plant in 2020. The power plant received a license from NVE in 2009, with construction starting during the fall of 2018.

The intake is steep and rugged to get to at the top of Kjeldalen. There is no road leading up to the intake, hence all equipment has been flown in while personnel at the station have the options of either walking or using skis to arrive at the water intake.

The power plant is environmental friendly with only minor visible interference in the landscape. The power plant can be observed by car when drinving the main road (Europavei 6) when passing Hatteng, the municipal center in Storfjord.