Clemens Kraft ready for construction start of the Tokagjelet hydropower plant

Tokagjelet hydropower plant

We are pleased to announce the commencemen of construction work at the Tokagjelet hydropower plant, which is the largest power plant in the Clemens Kraft portfolio so far. The 76 GWh production at Tokagjelet is key for the Company in order to reach the target of minimum 600 GWh of small hydro power production by 2021.

The project is located in Kvam Herad in Hordaland, with a waterway of 2050 meters to be drilled in the mountain using a TBM machine. The tunnel hole is scheduled for a diameter of 2.6 meters (Approx 8 feet).

The location of the hydropower plant is planned inside the mountain with two Pelton turbines totaling 27 MW capacity. The plant is estimated to produce approximately 76 GWh annually, which corresponds to a power consumption of approx. 3800 households. Production will be delivered on the 132 kV grid to BKK. Construction time is estimated at approx. 2 years.


About Clemens

Clemens Kraft is a subsidiary of Opplysningsvesenets fond. In 2017, the Swiss CPV / CAP Pensionskasse Coop purchased 49.9% of the shares in Clemens Kraft. The cooperation between Ovf and CPV implies a significant financial strengthening of the company, giving increased capacity to develop and increase its commitment to renewable energy. Clemens Kraft is currently one of the largest builders of small power plants in Norway.

Clemens Kraft was established to carry out small-scale hydro power development on the basis of properties owned by the fund. In recent years, the company has also acquired several small hydropower companies. Clemens Kraft currently has 28 small power plants in production, 11 power plants under construction and 12 projects under preparation for construction start.



CEO at Clemens Kraft:
Børge Edvardsen Klingan, phone 916 39 906

Head of construction at Clemens Kraft:
Jan Terje Solhaug, phone 991 52 488