Clemens Kraft

Clemens Kraft is growing and hiring

Clemens Kraft has 38 power plants in operation and 14 new power plants under construction. From August, the company will strengthen its operations with Tage Karlsen and Per Skogvoll.

– The great interest in the positions shows that Clemens Kraft has a strong position in the market, says CEO Børge Edvardsen Klingan. During 2021, Clemens Kraft will have a self-owned production portfolio of more than 700 GWh. With the new hires, the company paves the way for further growth.

Børge Edvardsen Klingan is very pleased that Karlsen and Skogvoll have accepted the positions.
– Both have good formal expertise and they will fit well with the company and our culture, Edvardsen Klingan points out. – The hiring is in line with the company’s strategy, and is a result of our success in realizing our goals. Growth in the company’s production creates predictability, new jobs and a basis for further investment and consolidation, Edvardsen Klingan emphasizes.

Tage Karlsen comes from Nordkraft where he has held several key positions in power generation and grid operations. Among other things, he has been CEO of Nordkraft Nett for 6 years. Karlsen has a broad formal background, including a master’s degree in maintenance.

Petter Skogvoll becomes new operating engineer in Clemens Kraft. He comes from the role of planner in Vesterålskraft Nett and has worked with reinvestments and new network connections. Skogvoll holds a master’s degree in electrical power / electronics. Both are formally employed in Clemens Kraft Drift.

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