Tokagjelet currently

The planned production start for Tokagjelet is 2021. The project is currently undergoing an active phase, which inter alia includes the completion of rock blasting work downside the plant area. The contractor also focuses on supportive rock blasting and concrete work at the station site. Concrete work on the flood wall is completed (picture) which […]

Work at Hellifossen

Work on the pipe line and construction road on Hellifossen is well underway. Pipelaying commencement is scheduled by end of October.  

Progress on Bakkeelva power station

There is sound progress in the development of Bakkeelva power plant in Askvoll (Sogn og Fjordane). The road to the intake area has been built and preparations are made for the pipelaying, with scheduled commencement of such work by May 2019.

Progress at Gudåa

Clemens Kraft has successfully made the drilling breakthrough in the Gudåa tunnel. The majority of the penstock is laid and the work on the dam intake has started.   The work on the power plant station will commence during spring 2019.   Video from Gudåa

Construction work at Kjeldalselva hydropower plant

The superstructure of the Kjeldalselva power plant is soon completed and the construction of the station building starts in February. Generator and turbine are scheduled to be installed in June. A ductile pipe runs from the station and up to the tunnel. The tunnel is approximately 20% complete, 200 meters out of the total of […]

Trollekraft is under construction

Startup is going according to plan The power plant will be completed in November 2019 and will produce about 8 GWh per annum. MK Myklebust is the executive contractor. The pictures from Brødrene Dahl show preparation of station and carved out pathways.   Bilder fra Brødrene Dahl