Construction work at Kjeldalselva hydropower plant

The superstructure of the Kjeldalselva power plant is soon completed and the construction of the station building starts in February. Generator and turbine are scheduled to be installed in June. A ductile pipe runs from the station and up to the tunnel. The tunnel is approximately 20% complete, 200 meters out of the total of […]

Trollekraft is under construction

Startup is going according to plan The power plant will be completed in November 2019 and will produce about 8 GWh per annum. MK Myklebust is the executive contractor. The pictures from Brødrene Dahl show preparation of station and carved out pathways.   Bilder fra Brødrene Dahl

Clemens Kraftverk acquires Fjærland Kraft AS from Sognekraft and enters into a long term co-operation on operations and management of SSHPPs

Clemens Kraftverk AS, a company in the Clemens Kraft Group of companies, has signed an agreement with Sognekraft AS to acquire 6 small scale hydro power plants in Fjærlandsfjorden in the municipality of Sogndal. Total normal production from these plants is 125 GWh. This compares to the power consumption by more than 6000 homes. The […]

Clemens Kraft ready for construction start of the Tokagjelet hydropower plant

Tokagjelet hydropower plant We are pleased to announce the commencemen of construction work at the Tokagjelet hydropower plant, which is the largest power plant in the Clemens Kraft portfolio so far. The 76 GWh production at Tokagjelet is key for the Company in order to reach the target of minimum 600 GWh of small hydro […]

Gudåa hydropower plant – Meråker

Pioneering technology enables long distances directional drilling. Norhard reports on their Facebook page that «We have started the drilling of the upper part of the Gudå hydropower plant in beautiful surroundings at Meråker. The shaft should be drilled with a diameter of 1.2 meters over a 550 meter (1650 inches) distance.» Watch the movie from riging and […]

Construction work at Søråni

Generator and Trafo is in place, Electric work is in progress as well. The area at the entrance pond it is now filled and the intake-house is finished outside while the Coanda-intake are almost completed. Two teams are now working on the pipeline and about half of the penstock is in place.